Thursday, November 04, 2004

He's not my president.

I have started and stopped this post several times since the election. The titles have ranged from "Fuck!!!" to "Fuck Bush. Fuck the church." I decided on something less angry.

As is the case with many others, it is hard to put into words just how disappointed and upset I am at the fact that the muderer was re-elected, and a murder is exactly what he is. For the sake of war-mongering and money, he has thrown away the lifes of our bravest citizens. One of the most disturbing thing about his re-election is that before we could claim that he stole the presidency and invaded Iraq without the consent of the American people. Now that we have chosen him outright, we have validated all of his past behavior. I can only hope that the rest of the world pays attention to the fact that almost half of this country can't stand him.

By far the most disturbing thing about this whole election is how he won -- Evangelical Christians. The weak. Those not strong enough to face the truth that we are alone and deal with life as it is. Those who hate homosexuals and anyone who isn't Christian. They went out and voted for Bush for no other reason than "God told me too."

In the exit poles they were citing moral issues as the discriminating factor.


So the killing of innocent men & women for oil under the guise of "The War on Terror" is moral?

More disturbing than just about anything is that I thought this country had made progress in the last two hundred years -- how wrong was I?! As an accepting, rational, and loving person I am the minority. We still live in a country controlled by hellfire & brimstone preaching, small-minded, fearful thinking, and prejudice.

As time goes by these people are going to realize that he isn't coming back; he was just a man. An incredible man? Yes, but still just a man. If he hasn't come back after all that is going on in this world, he isn't going to. Either he can't (because he's DEAD) or because he doesn't care. Either way, we have to make our own way. That needs to sink in. We only have each other and the longer that we continue to alienate those different from the "norm,", the longer the wait until we truly advance a species.

We don't need a ficticious, mythical being that will save us all. It didn't work for the Romans, Aztecs, ancient Egyptians, or any other society and it won't work for us. In the words of the Beatles, "All we need is LOVE."

Monday, November 01, 2004

Change in Blog Purpose

I have been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of maintaining this thing. At first , I thought that I would use it as an online bookmark system so that I could save links to my favorite stuff. I think that I am going to continue to link to funny stuff, but I am also going to use it as a weblog of my life. I actually love stumbling across people's blogs that just talk about their lives -- it is wonderfully interesting to get a glimpse of how others live.

The most difficult decision is how much do I share? Anything on the net is certainly not anonymous no matter how hard you try. Then again, do I need to hide anything? I don't know if my wife, kids, family members, and friends would appreciate all of our lives being up here. I am just going to go with whatever feels comfortable at the time and use my best judgement. Ah ha! I will change everybodies name. Anonymity! I hope...