Friday, November 19, 2004

Faith Post

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I have maintained a separate faith discussion blog for a little while. Since I have now made this a more personal blog, I am going to move the contents (only 3 posts) to this blog. Here is the first entry, I will be posting them in chronological order:

Ironic that tonight's episode of my favorite show, Nip/Tuck tackled the notion of faith. Ironic because faith is the area that I have become most preoccupied — specifically with the notion of faith vs. spirtuality. Although most think that they are one in the same, they are not.

After many years as a atheist (the mormon religeon drove me there, as it does many others), I recently embraced the idea of a GOD. I guess that the original problem that I had with the idea of GOD was the fault of religeon. I didn't have a problem with the idea of something bigger; how could you? This didn't all just appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately though, religeon dictates that there are conditions that must be met and maintained to enjoy the splendor of GOD — that essentially our GOD is a discriminating GOD. I have always had a problem with that idea as well as the idea that a GOD that interferes with what goes on down here would let the atrocities that we see everyday happen.

I was compelled to research the idea of GOD a few months ago. It was so intense that I could think of nothing else. As if on queue, my mom found GOD and shared with me the music of Michael W. Smith that moved me at my core and a friend mentioned a class/course called Alpha, "A practical guide to the Christian faith." I took the course, which I won't explain the premise here (click on the link above) and was truly moved. It answered the questions that most skeptics have and eventually led me to surrender to the idea that maybe I didn't know it all. Maybe, in the same sense that the most brilliant men of their generation thought that the earth was flat and the center of the universe, I was wrong in assuming that it all had to add up nicely in a neat, little, logical way. Maybe, just maybe, there was some reason or logic behind all of the suffering.

One afternoon Tiffany and I were watching PBS during their fundraising week when a special came on by Dr. Wayne Dyer. We watched most of it and were both so impressed that we bought the "whole enchilda" which included his latest book, DVD, CDs, etc. Dr. Dyer spoke about the notion of GOD, or Source as he sometimes calls it, in the terms that had always made sense to me. He spoke of us all being connected to GOD at all times because we all come from GOD....

I have to go now, but will continue this in the next posting...


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